Kareem Rosser’s ALA
Alex Award Winning Memoir

Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line is truly a special book. Kareem’s remarkable story is one that should be read and understood by all.”
Wes Moore, Maryland Governor and New York Times bestselling author


Kareem Rosser is an award-winning author, national polo champion, keynote speaker, and community difference maker.

Keynote Speaking

“Kareem’s message to graduates was heartfelt and sincere, and offered a great boost to students who were graduating during challenging times.”

Kelly Liggett – Managing Director, Strategic Engagement, Colorado State University

Colorado State University 2021 Commencement Speech – Kareem Rosser

Thousand Oaks Library – An Afternoon with Kareem Rosser


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HBO Real Sports – Kareem Rosser and The Philadelphia Polo Classic